What does it mean when you do not get a response on your wyze app from an outdoor camera. It means wyze camera is offline and why is my wyze outdoor camera offline.The reason behind it might be technical.

First,check all the hardware and software that is connected with the wyze camera.Make sure the internet is connected with the wireless camera.Further,follow the steps given below and turn the wyze camera online.

  1. Bring your camera and the router close to each other. 
  2. The distance makes a lot of difference in its connectivity.
  3. There may be physical obstructions as well like the floor, metals, walls etc. 
  4. Other Wi –fi networks may also be causing an interference in the connectivity. 
  5. There may be multiple networks working on the same channel. 
  6. The router you are using must have 2.4 GHz frequency to be compatible. 
  7. The household electronics may also be causing interference like the TV, microwave etc. these should be placed a few feet away. 
  8. You may be using a low tier broadband plan or consuming a lot of bandwidth which may be proving to be insufficient. You can upgrade your plan accordingly. 
  9. Update your firmware which you need to do from time to time. 
  10. Switch the position between your cameras so that you know where it works well and performs better. 
  11. This will determine if location is an issue. 
  12. You can switch off and then on the plug of your router which clears the unnecessary stored data. This you can do once a month. 
  13. You can factory reset your router. 

Wyze camera offline error code 90

The article below explains  the wyze camera offline error code 90. When error flashed on your screen.Simply means that your wireless camera is not able to communicate with the servers due to a network error. The steps is given below how to troubleshoot camera offline problem.

  1. Make sure that the camera is properly connected to the USB cable. 
  2. Check that you are using the same USB that came along with your wyze camera.
  3. Also check that the internet is properly connected and LED light is solid blue. Also check if the signals are strong or weak. 
  4. Check that there are no obstacles blocking the communication with the router. 
  5. Check that the firewall is not blocking the traffic. 
  6. To improve the signal, change the channel. 
  7. Check your mobile phone’s network connection. 
  8. Delete and re-install the Wyze app on your mobile. 
  9. Now reset your wyze camera.

Why is my Wyze camera keeps going offline

If the wireless camera is offline then try to reset the camera and set it as default mode. Hence, follow the steps to figure out  how do i reset my wyze camera? 

  1. The first thing to do is to delete the Wyze camera app from your mobile phone.
  2. The LED light on the back of the camera should be bling from blue to yellow. 
  3. Remove your micro SD card from the camera.
  4. Press the setup button below the camera for a few seconds.
  5. A message will then show, ”ready to connect.”