CANARY FLEX OFFLINEVarious reason behind the Canary Flex keeps going offline due to network connection is primary. Go to the Canary Flex App and check the flex status what does it says. If app shows “Canary Flex Offline” messages on screen then camera might lose the internet connection. In mean time, server error also a reason behind the offline error.

For, offline error support needs to reconnect the Canary Flex with the internet connection and setup again on app. Check wireless camera battery status and turn on the save battery mode if required.

Why my Canary Flex is offline and how to get back online

What to do when unable to connect app with Canary Flex shows red light banner. Your mobile is experiencing difficulty associating with the web. Utilizing your favored program, explore to a site page to confirm that your mobile is connected with the internet and app.

Connected with the app but still see the Canary Flex off message. Check the Canary framework status page to check whether there are any brief help interference influencing Canary app. The status is “Operational” that normal everything is typical with the Canary Cloud.

Update wireless router

For confirmation, please update the router software from the official website as per Canary Flex app version. Try to re-install and setup process to turn Canary Flex offline to online.

How to troubleshoot the Canary Flex Offline issuesHow to troubleshoot the Canary Flex Offline issues

Canary Flex can convey the purposes behind error by changing the tone and conduct of the LED light ring situated on the top of the app. Every signal of led lights defines the meaning and error with Canary Flex and types of LED lights are

  • Spinning White
  • Spinning Yellow
  • Flashing Yellow (slow)
  • Solid Yellow
  • Solid Red Pattern
  • No Color
  • Solid White Pattern
  • Solid Blue

Above given light color explain error with the canary flex itself. If you know the meaning of the light links onwards, you can troubleshoot the offline error. Reset the Canary flex app for 5-10 seconds, a sound comes to hear that mean app is shut down. Setup again and turn on the Canary Flex and hold the button for few seconds, by acknowledging the white LED lights meaning figure out the issue.